Kokua Masks for Pacific Islander Community

From: Kendrick Farm <farmk@hawaii.edu>
To: Benton Kealii Pang <launahele@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, July 31, 2020, 08:49:22 AM HST
Subject: Fwd: Request for assistance (Ken, Mask)


Aloha Members

I am here writing this letting seeking you support helping out our pacific islander brothers and sisters in need.  I have been in contact with Josie Howard of We are Oceania and there is a request of vital importance a request is being made of 230 mask that are washable than can be used multiple times.

Right now, the lower Kalihi area has the potential to be a large cluster of community transmission.  I wish this is a preemptive action however we are moving toward mitigation. COVID 19 is not something that we can run away from or think that what happens in one area does not have the potential to affect other areas of our community here on Oahu.

I am seeking the support of the Oahu Council of the Hawaii Civic Club, Kalihi-Palama Hawaiian Civic Club, and all other clubs that wish to offer support to our Pacific Island brothers and sisters. I await your response.


Ken Farm
Kalihi-Palama Hawaiian Civic Club.