Maika’i nui, Congratulations to Reyn Kaupiko

Aloha, KPHCC Members,

Ho’omaika’i, Reyn!  On October 5, 2021, Reyn Kaupiko, a Kalihi Palama Hawaiian Civic club member, called to announce that his application for the Native Hawaiian Representative on the Veterans Tribal Council was accepted and approved! I understand that for a number of years this seat had been vacant of any Native Hawaiian representation and today things were put back in an order that was meant to be.

“I just wanted to notify you…The VA contacted me and I will be the Native Hawaiian Representative for the Tribal Council…Thank you for your help during this process”

We are so proud of Reyn and we know he will respectfully represent our Native Hawaiian Veterans and their many concerns and needs. Reyn will speak out and work diligently to remind Congress and the Veterans administration about all of the faithful, dedicated  Native Hawaiian veterans who fought to protect our freedoms and the people of Hawaii and to recognize our Native Hawaiian Military for their honor and service for our beloved Hawaii nei and, the United States of America.

Mahalo ke akua,
Juanita Mahienaena Brown Kawamoto
Kalihi Palama Hawaiian Civic Club