2018 Convention Message from KPHCC President


I would like to mahalo the Kalihi-Palama Hawaiian Civic Club delegates and alternates for attending the 2018 Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Convention on Kaua’i.  In my first term as President of KPHCC, I am very humbled to have represented our club alongside our members.

Each year, delegates from all over the Pae ‘Āina  and the continent gather to review, debate and adopt resolutions of behalf of all Hawaiian Civic Clubs.  These adopted resolutions provide directions to the Board of Directors of the Association to advocate on behalf of the members of the Hawaiian Civic Clubs.  During this time, an average of 300 delegates come together to discuss and vote on resolutions that are introduced by individual civic clubs, island councils, or the board council.  It is an amazing time of which we are able to unite in civic engagement to adopted import resolutions that impact our Hawaiian people, culture, Hawaiian resources and much more. This effort embodies the vision of Prince Kūhiō, the founder of the first Hawaiian Civic Club.

Here are some of the highlights.

  1. KPHCC was one of the few clubs who had representation of 10 or more.  Other clubs included Pearl Harbor Civic Club, Prince Kūhiō Civic Club, and Honolulu Hawaiian Civic Club. Your membership in the Kalihi-Palama Hawaiian Civic Club helps us to send delegate and alternate at the annual convention. We also welcomed two first-time convention delegates in Ken Farm and Naia Ahuna.  They and a few other first time delegates were recognized in the Plenary Session. Hulo!!

  2. Here are some of the Resolutions that our delegates supported:

  • Housing Resolution introduced by Kalihi-Palama Hawaiian.  This resolution did not pass. The issue of housing is complex.  We will continue to explore ways and means to address this issue.

  • Hawaiian Resources: The delegates this year were in strong support of resolutions that addressed Hawaiian resources.  Waianae Water flows and its forest restoration and the Mauna Kea management were of high priority at this convention.

  • Hawaiian Language was another area of interest.  We can look forward at conventions where Hawaiian language is spoken in its own caucus. Resolutions are also submitted in the Hawaiian language.

  • ‘Aha ‘Opio Hawaiian Civic Club resolution was greatly supported by convention delegates.  We recognize the importance of ‘opio in civic engagement. We look forward for in the near future where more ‘opio will be active in the Hawaiian Civic Club movement.

As much as the tireless work that goes into the convention resolutions, this convention also provides time to sing our Hawaiian mele.  Every civic club council participated in the annual ‘Aha Mele. It was a beautiful night of Hawaiian melody from each club council.

I encourage all of you to experience a Hawaiian Civic Club Convention.