Special Section: Native Hawaiian Governance

The Native Hawaiian governance convention or ‘Aha was held in February 2016. Over 120 participants from diverse backgrounds came together in Maunawili for the purpose of creating a path so that Hawaiians could gather and have serious discussions about the future of Native Hawaiians. The group included a broad spectrum of political ideologies and preferences for governance models from the Restoration of an independent kingdom to an entity that could seek federal recognition from the United States. This diverse group worked together and found the common ground necessary to draft and adopt the Constitution with a vote of 88 in favor, 30 against, and 1 abstention.

A 19-page Constitution that provides the framework for rebuilding the Hawaiian Nation emerged.

At its meeting in July 2016, the membership of the Kalihi Palama Hawaiian Civic Club adopted a motion to support the work of the ‘aha and the ratification of the draft Constitution. Accordingly, this section of our website is dedicated to that objective.

Please see our newly-created section on Native Hawaiian Governance.